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A Short Course ... - Lesson 9

Lesson 9:

Avoid reading or near activity by all means while in a moving vehicle. You are highly encouraged to look at sights in the distance - your eyes, your brain and your mind will be thankful.

What, we should not read while in the car or train? Why is that, you may ask.

There is not just one answer to that question, and please take some time to think about each of them...

Disadvantages of reading in a moving vehicle

  • When you drive over a bump or over a whole in the road, when the car makes a turn, when it stops at the traffic light your body moves. So does your hand that holds the screen/newspaper/book. Your eyes need to re-focus and move hundreds of times per second. This is extremely tiring for the eyes and strains them a lot. You can compare this to your eyes running a marathon-parkour!

  • As you will not have the proper sitting position your back and neck will hurt after a while.

  • Instead of arriving at work full of energy, you will be tired for the first time already as you have already taxed your eyes and body so much even while you were seated!

Advantages of looking outside

  • Give your brain a break! It is absolutely ok to be 'bored' or 'zoned out' for a while. It allows your mind to be creative.

  • Be in contact with the world around you! Notice what is going on in your neighborhood, on the street, in the bus. Why put on a video on your screen if a movie is being played outside?

  • Build relationships. When you are not working with a book or screen you are more open to people around you. Warning: Maybe you even engage in a conversation and make someone smile! Many people tell me that some of their best talks with their kids happen while driving them in the car. You would not want to miss this opportunity by putting on a video for them!

  • Your horizon widens not just physically of what you are seeing. It has an effect on your thinking processes, too.

So next time you want to take out the phone/book/paper/DVD/game while you are on your way, resist the urge to do so and change that habit.

Your body, mind and spirit as well as your environment will be grateful!

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