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Visual Challenges

Orthovision is the first Vision Therapy centre in South-East Asia. We provide a range of vision therapy treatments covering following areas of functional vision.

Vision Affecting Learning
& Work Perfomance

'We were told our child had 20/20 eyesight. The teacher thought she wasn't trying hard enough.'


'It takes me so much longer to copy the information my teacher writes on the white board than it takes my friend. So, I end up copying her notes.'


'When I am tired, I find it hard to focus and one eye keeps going out'

Lazy Eye

'Patching helped, but still my daughter was not using both eyes the same way.'

Sport Vision

'The eye-training helped me a lot for my peripheral vision. Now I see much more, what is going on around me. This is crucial in my team-sport.'

Blurred Vision

'When I drive - especially in twilight - things get blurry. I then need to squeeze my eyes tightly closed to make it go away. This helps for a while but ...

Moving Words

'I thought books did that to everyone.'

Double Vision

'I noticed my student turning sideways or covering one eye discreetly. That's when I noticed that there is a problem with his vision.'


'After a day of staring at the computer screen I can feel the headache coming in through the eyes.'

Age-Related Long Sightedness

'I just can't read the small print anymore when I want to read the menu in a restaurant.'

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