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How It All Started

Welcome to Orthovision, the first Vision Therapy and INPP Centre in South-East Asia. As the sole licensed INPP center in the region, Orthovision uniquely explores the connection between all sensory system components, focusing on vision as a primary sense.


With over 17 years of experience in Singapore, we have assisted over 8000 individuals, both children and adults, in improving their vision and alleviating related symptoms such as blurred vision, double vision, lazy eye, squint-strabismus, poor eye teaming, headaches, learning difficulties, ADD/ADHD symptoms, and more.

Founder / Assessment

Zoran Pejic

Zoran, a dedicated professional with a rich background in vision and psychology-related fields, embarked on a unique career journey that has made a significant impact on the lives of children and adults alike.

In January 2007, Zoran secured a prestigious position at Harvard Medical-Boston Children's Hospital. However, driven by a passion for helping individuals facing visual and psychological challenges, he decided to return to Singapore to respond to the numerous requests from clients and therapists seeking his expertise. This pivotal decision set the stage for his remarkable career.

Zoran's commitment to his field is evident through his extensive collaborations with the Pacifica Psychology Graduate Institute on projects related to Imagination and Medicine, working alongside notable professors in the field. Moreover, he actively shares his knowledge and expertise by participating in international conferences, enriching the global discourse on vision and psychology.

Zoran's educational achievements are a testament to his dedication. He holds a Master of Science degree in Orthoptics and Special Education with a specialization in Vision Deficiency. Additionally, he completed a course in Behavioural Optometry accredited by the British Association of Behavioural Optometrists. His pursuit of knowledge led him to earn a postgraduate certificate (MMedSci) from Sheffield University.

One of Zoran's unique qualifications is his license as an INPP practitioner. This certification equips him with valuable tools to assess neuro-developmental maturity in both children and adults and recommend tailored treatments. This expertise complements his multidisciplinary approach to working with his diverse clientele.

For the past 27 years, Zoran has dedicated himself to working with visually challenged individuals, spanning both children and adults. During his seven-year tenure at the Singapore National Eye Centre, he pioneered non-surgical treatments for specific forms of strabismus (squint). His contributions have extended to the academic world, where he has published articles in various medical journals.

Zoran's leadership is evident in his role as the founding president of the Asia Pacific Orthoptic Association. While he is no longer a member of a management committee in the International Orthoptic Association, his past involvement in such roles underscores his commitment to contributing to the development and promotion of orthoptics on a global scale.

His extensive experience working with children, gained during his time at the Singapore National Eye Centre and KK Hospital, has honed his innovative approach to addressing their visual challenges. Moreover, his background in special education and experience working with children across Europe and Asia has given him a profound understanding of different cultural contexts and their influence on visual and learning abilities.

For adults, Zoran focuses on non-surgical management of specific forms of strabismus (squint), headaches (migraines), blurred vision, and overall improvements in the quality of life related to visual challenges. His holistic approach and unwavering dedication have made him a sought-after expert in his field, transforming lives and shaping the future of vision and psychology-related disciplines.

Our Team

Our expert team is dedicated to transforming lives through advanced vision care. Our culture promotes collaboration and breakthroughs, with each team member contributing specialised skills to ensure comprehensive vision therapy.

Vision Therapist

Vesna Pejic Vulic
Since March 2013, Vesna has been a pivotal member of our team, serving as the Principal Vision Therapist. Her unwavering commitment and expertise in delivering cutting-edge vision therapy services have left a lasting impact on the lives of our valued patients.
Renowned as a champion of personalized care, Vesna is distinguished for her deep commitment to providing individualized attention. She establishes strong connections and trust with each patient, cultivating a nurturing and effective therapeutic environment. Employing an innovative approach to vision therapy, she integrates coordinated movement, balance, auditory processing, and cognitive abilities, empowering patients to achieve remarkable improvements in various aspects of their lives.
Vesna's contributions extend beyond patient care; she plays a vital role in educating and training new vision therapists and healthcare professionals, contributing to the growth of our organization and the advancement of vision therapy as a field. Her specialized expertise in the INPP method allows her to design and monitor individualized neurosensory and neuromuscular activities, enhancing visual skills and processing.
Key contributions to our team include warm and empathetic patient interactions, consistent delivery of high patient service standards, meticulous workspace management prioritizing safety and comfort, and collaborative efforts with medical professionals, administrative teams, and fellow therapists to ensure the seamless operation of our clinic.
Vesna's journey began with academic excellence, earning a BSc in Healthcare Science (Low Vision) from the Faculty of Medicine, Banja Luka, University of Bosnia and Herzegovina. During her studies, she conducted impactful research in the Ophthalmology department of the University Clinical Centre Banja Luka, focusing on the "Prevention of Amblyopia in Preschool Children."
With valuable experience in paediatric eye care and hands-on exposure in general medicine, Vesna, even as a student, worked as a team member providing quality care and personal support to individuals with severe learning disabilities.
Her interest in aiding visually challenged children took root in 2008 during a visit to Singapore, where she found inspiration in the work of Zoran Pejic. Since then, she has been a dedicated trainee and an integral member of the Orthovision team.
Vesna's medical background and experience in functional vision training have equipped her with deeper insights into the prevention and treatment of the most common ocular ailments in children. Her proficiency extends to a wide range of conditions, including amblyopia, convergence insufficiency/double vision, post-concussion vision syndrome, strabismus, and vision-related learning challenges across different age groups. Additionally, her expertise includes specialized sports vision training, earning recognition from both athletes and the broader sporting community.

Receptionist/Administrative Executive

Jenny Chua

Jenny became an essential part of the Orthovision Team back in 2008. She's the friendly face you'll encounter first when you visit Orthovision, always ready to assist with any questions you might have about your appointments. Whether it's in person or over the phone, Jenny takes care of inquiries and appointment bookings, ensuring that everything runs smoothly in our day-to-day operations. Her dedication is not just about managing tasks; it's about making sure your experience at Orthovision is as pleasant and hassle-free as possible.

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