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A Short Course ... - Last Lesson (12)

Welcome to the last lesson of this short course. Today, we discuss the benefit of a routine.

Do you have a regular schedule for doing sports? Attend a weekly Yoga class? Jog or go to the gym regularly? Then you already realize how important it is to keep to a certain routine. Furthermore, it is much easier to maintain a certain level of fitness than to get into shape.

You can do the same for your eyes.

Lesson 12:

Set a definite time of the day to do your home vision therapy - between 15 to 20 minutes daily.

Keep up a regular routine - set your timer and get it over with (with joy!). You will notice the changes just like you do when you do sports regularly. And remember - it is not just about the eyes - it goes much beyond.

As you have noticed in all these lessons, a lot of it is about discipline. Keeping a routine, resisting the urge to just look at the sports news first thing in the morning, making time to go outdoors, engaging with the environment - following the 'rules' we posted in the last 12 lessons are literally life-changing and we would say in the positive direction.

We wish you best of luck, stamina and enjoyment as you implement all these into your daily lives. Let us know how you are doing! We are curious to find out!

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