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How It Works

During a 40-minute in-house session, the orthoptic therapist adapts the vision therapy program over three weeks to enhance eye coordination, eye-hand coordination, and sensory integration. A follow-up visit after three weeks re-evaluates visual functions, with recommendations for further in-house or home-based training.

In-House Vision Therapy

Upon completion of in-house therapy, daily 30-minute home training is crucial to maintain and enhance optimal visual functions achieved during therapy. This prevents a regression into previous patterns of visual and behavioural functioning. Certain lifestyle changes might be recommended as well. 

Home-Based Vision Training

Integrated Cognitive Orthoptic Remediation (I-CORE)

After a developmental visual cognitive assessment, a tailored orthoptic remediation program is prescribed, often with a 15-day in-house training option, often covered by insurance for orthoptic services.

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