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So often, we have perfect vision (with or without corrective lenses) but somehow, what we see does not seem right:

  • I find it difficult copying from the board at school and take so much longer than my peers.

  • My son keeps losing his place in a book.

  • When reading my eyes get tired, dry or itchy.

  • My daughter gets tired easily and rubs her eyes.

  • I notice my student discreetly covering an eye during class.


These all are examples of conditions that can be treated with Integrated Vision Therapy.


Orthovision's Waiting Area

After the developmental visual cognitive assessment, an individualized integrated cognitive orthoptic remediation program is worked-out and prescribed. In order to initiate substantial change of habits we usually propose 21 days of initial in-house-training (many insurance companies cover the costs for orthoptic services). In certain cases, the home-based vision therapy is recommended immediately after the assessment.

Most insurance companies cover orthoptic services (vision therapy).



During an in-house vision therapy session, the orthoptic therapist works for 40 minutes with the client. The therapist sees changes that are taking place throughout these three weeks and amends the program from day to day accordingly.


Those sessions are crucial because they help in re-establishing the most beneficial coordination of the eyes, enhancing eye-hand coordination as well as optimization of sensory integration.


After three weeks, a follow-up visit takes place, where certain visual functions are re-evaluated and further in-house training or home-based training is recommended.



When the in-house therapy is finished, the training needs to be continued at home until the optimal visual functions are achieved.


This usually consists of approximately 30 minutes of daily training. The aim is to further enhance the effect of in-house vision therapy and to make the achieved level of visual functioning more permanent.


The brain needs to learn how to coordinate the eye movements and by continuing these exercises at home, it prevents falling back into 'old patterns' of visual and behavioral functioning.





“Over 8 weeks Jack jumped from reading at Level 16 to level 24. We couldn’t believe the change.”

The Mills Family

“I would highly recommend Zoran and Orthovision. The results have been life changing for my son and our entire family.”

Brittany Al-Awa

“This is a quick note of enormous thanks for the work and fabulous result you achieved for Sebastian. Prior to seeing you we had spent a year going to other specialists who did not identify and correct Sebastian’s problem.

In a few short months Sebastian has made huge improvement which has resulted in improved results at school and more importantly, shown him that he is not different but just had an eye problem which is now corrected.”

Dominic Hernon

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