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A Short Course ... - Lesson 6

By now we have talked about distance to a book/computer, how to sit and when to take breaks. Today's 'lesson' is on lights.

Lesson 6

Take a look at these two pictures - where would you prefer to read or study?

Provide for adequate general lighting as well as good lighting on the task.

The light on the task should be about three times that of the surrounding background.

Just last night, my daughter was studying French vocabulary.... in the dark (well, at least for me!). The room looked and felt so cozy and beautiful, but definitely more suitable for a nice chat than for studying.

So turn on those desk lamps and don't forget that the rest of the room should also be reasonably well lit.

You will notice that your eyes and also your brain will not get so easily tired. Reading will be much easier and less straining for the eyes.

Needless to say that this is also very important when you use the computer. Don't just rely on the light from the screen but turn on the desk and room lamps as well.

If you would like to understand the deeper connection between the lighting and concentration/alertness read our blog on hormones and it's influence conversation and circadian rhythm.

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