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Windows to the World

It is often said that our eyes are our windows to the world and portals to the SOUL. With the work I have done with thousands of children (and adults) I am very often reminded of how true this statement is.

We collect so much information through our eyes and the visual system. And all this information shapes how we see the world and how we react to it.

Now, if the images seen by the eyes change all the time (ie are not consistent), our brains get confused and the world can become a truly confusing place.

It is such a pleasure to see how much change happens to the people who undergo vision training: as the images become more consistent, the confusion lifts, curiosity surfaces and over and over again we see the spark of confidence light up anew. As the glass of the windows to the world becomes clearer, the person behind the glass is more keen to look out which brings more happiness in!

This is why Vision Therapy is so important for the children: it is not just to be able to read better, but to become the person they are meant to be - curious, interested, active, and engaged with the world.

I love seeing how doing what we do changes so many lives!

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