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The words are moving in different directions when I'm reading

That is what a boy said during the assessment of his functional vision at Orthovision. He said that this was making him tired and he would lose focus, that he could not remember things and his working memory was poor.

Educators and the parents were focused on numerous other symptoms, but then we got to the cause of all these difficulties: His focusing and eye-teaming abilities were really underdeveloped and no-one was paying attention to it.

When I re-created a similar viewing condition in front of the mother's eyes, she was very confused and said that she would not be able to remember a thing if she needed to read that way. Then she looked at me and said "Now I understand why he has a poor working memory: When it takes him so much effort trying to see and to understand what he just had seen, there is no time for processing it as a whole."

Have you ever asked your child how he/she sees the page while reading?

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