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TED Talks & ADHD

We have just finished watching the very inspiring talk on TEDxCMU by Stephen Tonti: ADHD As A Difference In Cognition, Not A Disorder (TEDx=independently organized talk).

There are many really interesting points he raises during his talk.

  • How he was lucky to have had a teacher who supported him and not tried to 'shut him down';

  • How he can 'lock into' something that interests him and stay 'super-focused' for very long times while at the same time not being able to focus on something that does not interest him (eg. him being to read a 500-page novel faster than a 1-page scholarly article);

  • How he has had many 'failures' but also many 'successes' in what he has achieved in his life so far;

  • How trying out different things (and often times not succeeding) enabled him to step into many different shoes;

  • How when looking at ADHD as a condition as opposed to a disorder, the switch is made from trying to 'cure' to making the most out of the potential this condition entails.

And as it goes on YouTube, once you click on a TED talk that interests you, so many more come up on the same or similar topics. There are so many up-lifting talks out there... and we would like to encourage all the parents of ADHD children to please take a few minutes and hours and watch some of those talks. We hope that they inspire you, too!

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