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School via Computer - the way forward?

If you have read through the older Blogs you know how critical I am towards too much screen-time.

However, I think it is also high time for me to give computers and all the (beneficial) things the new technology brings some much-deserved praise. I love the way computers, the internet and the many apps that are available make our lives easier, how they support us in so many ways.

When I am working on a project, I go online and select a music I want to listen to. Before driving somewhere, I get the directions via an app. It's not all bad that is coming from those screens (I needed to get this off my chest, because I don't want to leave the impression that I am only talking negatively about the digital age).

A few months ago (Feb 8, to be exact), I read how schools embrace modern technology for teaching students in various subjects. Using technology as a stimulating and additional pedagogical tool really looks very promising to me.

Surely, being able to do some class-work on a tablet or a computer might entice an otherwise not so interested child to engage more. At the same time, I just need to say yet again how important it is for the teacher to manage the children's screen time well in order to avoid their eyes to suffer from the increased pressure on the eye muscles.

You see, by working on tablets in the classroom, the children don't need to use their accommodating facilities as much as they would in 'normal non-screen lessons', and thus the eyes become even more strained.

A solution for this would be to implement an 'eye break' after 20 minutes of tablet time. I sincerely hope that the teachers are being made aware of this so that we can keep those young eyes healthy.

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