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How would YOU behave if your functional vision was challenging you?

Having just seen this video we would like to share it with you. They put teachers to the test: what would you do if you eyes did not send you the input you are used to?

We were laughing when we saw the one teacher getting frustrated and just looking out the window and the others wanting to chat. These are some of the symptoms and behaviors that I observe very often in the children who are sent to me for a comprehensive vision assessment.

As you can see in the video, a 'normal' 20/20 screening does not necessarily pick up functional vision deficiencies. Only one of these 'test teachers' did not pass the exam. All the others achieved 20//20, but they literally could not function in a classroom environment.

Just imagine children with those visual challenges going to school and trying to learn to read and write, trying to follow instructions... This video makes it easy for us to understand and show the connection between vision, attention and behavior.

As the teacher states: 'First we learn to read and then we read to learn.' ... if reading is so hard, how difficult will it be for them to learn?

Sometimes we demonstrate to the parents how their children see - and tearful eyes have been the most common response. We call this the 'aha-moment'.

There is a saying that we can best understand another person's feet by putting on their shoes - we say 'when trying to understand another person's vision try putting on their eyes.'

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