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Active Kids Learn Better

A picture tells more than a thousand words.... we are always looking for new pictures and information to share with you. And by doing just that we came across this very interesting Infographic. It was shared by Chad Spoon. It is in our nature to move and our bodies (and brains) are not made for sitting still all the time. Therefore, it is so important that schools and teachers take heed of this information and make the children move whilst in the classroom. Not only does it increase retention of the topics studied, it also implements healthy habits in the children.

'Obesity can have serious ramifications for kids' cognitive development and affect school attendance. Because children spend so much time at school, schools have a unique opportunity to help children become more healthy and active. Policies that support daily physical education and regular activity breaks during the school day can help increase physical activity, improve academic performance and improve classroom behavior among students.

This infographic features evidence on how physical activity and fitness may help school-aged children maximize their academic performance, and provides an overview of the effects of physical activity on the developing brain. Findings presented in this infographic come from a related ALR research brief.'

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