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A testimonial about INPP

Miguel - Vision and Retained Reflexes

'After the teachers voiced concerns about my son's physical and psychological development, we traveled to Singapore (we live in Vietnam) last October for various assessments.

This is where we were recommended to also check his eyes at Orthovision due to his poor reading ability. Indeed, some issues were found and we immediately started the therapy.

The results started being noticeable the following week. Today, he is still doing some exercises at home but his reading ability, comprehension and concentration are way better and he enjoys reading now.

During our next visit in December, we decided to have his primitive reflexes assessed as well, because his physical struggles were really showing and we were sure he needed help. We had tried other interventions before and felt that they were working as patches but not solving the problem from the root. After the INPP assessment, once we were back home, we started doing the exercises we were given. They are so simple that at first we doubted that they could have much impact on him. Well, it has been amazing! The progress is great and remarkable.

I had the most positive meeting ever with his teachers last week. His language, confidence, maturity, socialization, concentration, coordination, handwriting, reading, comprehension, balance had burst.

We are still working on it but the struggles have decreased considerably.

I really recommend it to kids that struggle in some areas or even to every single kid in order to make sure everything is ok and/or increase their potential if needed.

I wish I had known of this approach earlier. Thanks Mr Zoran!'

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