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A Short Course on Visual Hygiene - Lesson 3

So by now we have practiced some distance to the book as well as being aware of the space and periphery. We are ready for the next step.

Lesson 3

When reading or doing near point activities, look away from time to time. Maintain awareness of the objects and details surrounding your work. Do it at the end of every page when you are reading a book.

So when you are working by a window (as seen here), make sure to look up and focus at something outside from time to time.

I know this is super difficult and it is not so easy to remember but we have to change our habits. As with any habit change, it is very difficult at the beginning as we are breaking the circuit of certain modes of behavior and the only way out is to keep going and not giving in to the doubtful thoughts .

This is important as your eyes are calling for a break at least every 20 minutes (more ideal would be as stated above at the end of every page).

The 20-20-20 rule: 20 minutes, 20 seconds, 20 feet (6m)

So please, give your eyes this short focusing break and yourself some time to reflect on what you have just read or worked on.

Take a glass of water, look out the window, focus on the leaves outside (or whatever you see approx 6m away), wait for the focus to be totally clear and then count to 20.

Maybe even combine this with getting up and stretching the rest of your body, too?! This surely is a habit which your body will appreciate!

In order to not forget my eye-break when I'm immersed in work at the computer (I always lose track of time), I started using this very convenient tool on my PC:

Ok, now I have to go and stretch - my eyes and my legs! See you next week!

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