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A Short Course on Visual Hygiene - Lesson 2

I hope you have followed Lesson 1 for a week now - and that you have enjoyed a bit less eye strain! I know that I have been very busy telling my little (oh well, not so little anymore) girl to move the book away from her face... a never ending task, it seems.

So let's go ahead with lesson 2, ready?

Lesson 2

Be aware of the space between yourself and the page when you are reading. Also be aware of the objects and details around and beyond the book (ie observe periphery).

For example with this man reading in a coffee shop, he should be aware of the couple sitting beside him, 'watch' them move even though he is focused on his book.

Observing this lesson helps to lessen the strain on the eyes while reading. And you will not be scared to death if someone walks up to you from the side as you will notice the movement coming at you.

So now, we have two 'rules' to follow: 33cm and periphery. See you soon with lesson 3!

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