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A Short Course ... - Lesson 7

Congratulations, we are halfway through our 'course' already! How do you feel? Today, we are focusing on the position of your reading material (and subsequently your posture).

Lesson 7:

Tilt your book up about 20 degrees (this slopes up about 4 inches in 12).

By doing this, you can usually work farther away than when you place the book flat on the desk.

I found this picture when I searched for book stands and I think it shows very nicely how your posture changes completely when you work with a sloped book.

As they say - a picture speaks more than a thousand words.... so I keep quiet now and let you decide for yourself if it is worth while investing in a book stand.

PS: Did you notice how she is working at sub-optimal lighting conditions, if yes, then you did really internalize lesson 6, hahaha.

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