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A Short Course ... - Lesson 11

Lesson 11:

Do not read or study when overly tired or just before falling asleep.

Also, do not read or study just after you get up in the morning - if possible wait at least one hour (so leave that tablet/phone off until you have finished your shower and breakfast).

Oh my, that was another life-changing lesson for me! I should not read my messages when I get up? Something in me pushed the 'stubborn' button.

But guess what - when I stick to this lesson, my eyes are so much better ...

So change your habits around yet again. Get up an hour earlier and do some sports or a meditation so that the eyes can wake up. Enjoy breakfast with the family, get to work while looking out the window and then you are ready to go.

The same thing in the evening - make sure you put those screens away before starting your bedtime routine. Your sleep will be so much more restful.

All in all, your life will change for the better!

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