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Why is your child closing one eye?

Some parents find it cute when their child closes one eye. Very often that is not as cute as parents think, as it could be a symptom of strabismus or a lazy eye. By shutting one eye, a child overcomes difficulties to use both eyes together.

Frequently parents ask for help only after a few years when the squint gets much worse.

Just recently I had such a 'case' at Orthovision. After having done all the tests on the boy, I talked to the mother. As I wanted her to understand how the boy sees, I created the same viewing conditions for her - and immediately she closed one eye as well. When I asked her why, she said: "because it was too confusing to look at the page with both eyes open". There is no better way to understand how someone feels than by going through the same or at least a similar process or situation. I am always very happy when I can show the parents how their children are challenged by how they see.

Orthovision is being recognized locally and internationally as the center for the remediation of lazy eye, strabismus and other issues with binocular vision-eye teaming. When after vision therapy a child has lost his/her squint - this is what I find cute!

Original picture by David Goehring on flickr

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