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Web Junkie Documentary - An Interesting Read

Today, we want to share this very interesting article in the telegraph with you. Web addiction is becoming a very big problem across the world. Children, adolescents and adults alike find it increasingly difficult to put aside the electronic devices. There is a very fine line between over-use and addiction!

It is far more difficult for children and teenagers to avoid the gaming virus: they exchange their 'gaming stories' at school and thus face peer pressure. In addition, by having to do more and more homework on their computers, they need to have access to the computer - and thus to the games.

Sometimes, kids set the alarm in the middle of the night to get some undetected gaming time.

This trend is troubling on so many levels: the influence on social skills, motor skills, overall health, emotional well-being, sleep (just think of the blog we wrote last week about blue light and sleep), school participation and grades, etc.

And of course we are not even going into what effect this will have on the eyes and vision processing.

What to do? Talk to the children, be a good role-model, implement parental controls and/or set timers to make sure you and your children don't fall into this trap.

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