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Center for Intelligent Vision

Elevate your vision with Orthovision, South-East Asia's leading Vision Therapy & INPP Centre, transforming lives for over 17 years.

Vision Unleashed

At Orthovision, Singapore's first vision therapy center, we're dedicated to educating you and your family about the crucial links between vision, reflexes, learning, and overall well-being. Through thorough assessments, tools for vision development, and simple exercises, we aim to enhance your visual habits and optimize your overall wellness. Welcome to a new perspective!


“After concerns about our son's development, we travelled to Singapore for assessments. Orthovision recommended eye checks, and therapy quickly improved his reading and concentration. INPP assessments and simple exercises during our next visit led to remarkable progress in various areas. Teachers at school noted significant improvement, and we highly recommend this approach. Thanks to Mr. Zoran, we wish we had discovered this sooner!”


“Very experienced vision specialist. The therapy really works.


It helped my girl tremendously from being unable to read to reading independently. I would recommend Orthovision to my friends”


“Orthovision therapy completely eliminated anxiety episodes, excessive blinking and bright light sensitivity. All in just one course of in-house therapy. My son is a much happier child right now.”

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