We all are born with a set of primitive reflexes (sometimes known as survival reflexes).


If these primitive reflexes are not fully integrated (which means no longer active as the brain takes over) during infancy then the control of voluntary, skilled and complex movements can be affected. This is known as Neuro Developmental Delay (NDD) or immaturity of the Central Nervous System.


The slideshow below will give you a better overview and explanation of these reflexes.


The INPP program helps to integrate these retained reflexes. In turn, specific difficulties will disappear and learning will become easier for children who previously had retained reflexes.

Pyramid of Sensory Motor Function

In this pyramid you see how we develop our functions. This development happens from the Central Nervous System up.


If any of the stages of this development is not happening as required, or is completely missed, then the next level up leading to academic learning will be impacted.

This is why the integration of all the reflexes and synchronized development of the entire sensory system is crucial not just for academic skills but for life in general.

As we can see in the pyramid, vision plays a huge part in the development of the sensory system. This is why we at Orthovision pay particular attention to the relationship between vision and other sensory systems.

Possible Causes for NDD


“The INPP Method has been practiced in over 20 countries around the world since 1975 and has helped to change the lives of thousands of children, adults and families."

“This is the first time someone can explain to me why my son is struggling on so many fronts.

I am so looking forward to starting the exercises - it all makes so much sense to me now.”


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