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Orthovision is the first vision therapy centre in South-East Asia. We provide a range of vision therapy treatments covering following areas of functional vision. Click on the headers below to get to the detailed descriptions:

So often, we have perfect vision (with or without corrective lenses) but somehow, what we see does not seem right:

  • I find it difficult copying from the board at school and take so much longer than my class-mates.

  • My son keeps losing his place in a book.

  • When reading my eyes get tired and I end up getting a headache.

  • When my son watches TV, he moves his head constantly and is so fidgety.

  • My daughter gets tired easily and rubs her eyes.

  • I notice my student discreetly covering an eye during class

  • The older I get, the more difficult it is for me to read the ingredient-labels when I go shopping

  • My daughter's hand-eye coordination is really off - catching a ball seems so difficult for her.

'We were told our child had 20/20 eyesight. The teacher thought she wasn't trying hard enough.'

'It takes me so much longer to copy the information my teacher writes on the black-board than it takes my friend. So I end up copying her notes.'

'When I am tired, I find it hard to focus and one eye keeps going out'

'Patching helped, but still my daughter was not using both eyes the same way.'

'The eye-training helped me a lot for my peripheral vision. Now I see much more, what is going on around me. This is crucial in my team-sport.'

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'When I drive - especially in twighlight - things get blurry. I then need to squeeze my eyes tightly closed to make it go away. This helps for a while but ...

'I thought books did that to everyone.'




'I noticed my student turning sideways or covering one eye discreetly. That's when I noticed that there is a problem with his vision.'

'After a day of staring at the computer screen I can feel the headache coming in through the eyes.'

'I just can't read the small print anymore when I want to read the menu in a restaurant.'

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