Who are the people who spend so much time with you (or your children) in order to reach the desired results.

Vesna Pejic Vulic


Vesna was awarded by BSc in Healthcare Science (Low Vision) by the Faculty of Medicine, Banja Luka, University of Bosnia and Herzegovina. During her studies she did a research in the Ophthalmology department of the University Clinical Centre Banja Luka and wrote thesis on: “Prevention of Amblyopia in preschool children”.


Vesna has valuable experience in pediatric eye care and hands-on experience in general medicine. As a student she worked as a team member of a group of professionals providing quality care and personal support to individuals with severe learning disabilities.


Her interest in helping and understanding visually challenged children begun in 2008, when she visited Singapore and got inspired by the work of Mr. Zoran Pejic. Since then she became a trainee and a member of the Orthovision team.


Vesna’s medical background and experience in functional vision training gave her deeper insights into the prevention and treatment of the most common ocular ailments in children.



Mr. Zoran Pejic

Mr. Zoran Pejic

Zoran holds a MSc in Orthoptics and Special Education-Vision Deficiency, and has completed a course in Behavioral Optometry under the British Association of Behavioral Optometrists. Furthermore, he has a postgraduate certificate (MMedSci) from Sheffield University.


In addition, he is a licensed  INPP practitioner, which has given him tools to assess neuro-developmental maturity in children and adults and recommend treatment. This has added one more valuable modality to the plethora of the multidisciplinary approach in his work with children and adults.


Zoran’s passion for a deeper understanding of the relationship between mind matters and vision is the driving force behind his PhD, with which he aims to bridge vision, education, and psychology.


Zoran has been working with visually challenged individuals, both children and adults, for the last 19 years. He has pioneered non-surgical treatments of certain forms of strabismus (squint) at the Singapore National Eye Centre, where he worked for 7 years.


He has published articles in a number of medical journals. Zoran is the founding president of the Asia Pacific Orthoptic Association and a management committee member of the International Orthoptic Association.


Working at the Singapore National Eye Centre and KK Hospital has given him extensive experience in working with children, and an ability to be innovative in his approach to treating their visual challenges. In addition to this, Zoran’s background in special education and experience in working with children in Europe and Asia has given him an ability to understand different cultural milieu and their impact on visual/learning abilities.


Zoran’s work with adults is focused on non-surgical management of certain forms of strabismus (squint), headache (migraine), blurred vision, and overall compensated quality of life due to insufficient visual abilities.


Jenny Chua


Jenny Joined the Orthovision Team in 2008. She is the first person you see when you come to Orthovision and does her best to assist you with questions regarding your appointments. She also attends the phone for enquiries and bookings appointments and ensures the smooth running of the day to day operations.

Fernanda Perea


Fernanda was awarded BSc in Orthoptics and Ophthalmic Technology in 1999 by the Universidade Federal de São Paulo.


In 2008 she concluded her post graduation in Quality in Healthcare Management by the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein.


Her working experience was attained in Brazil, where she worked for almost 10 years in ophthalmic clinics and refractive surgery centers. Her experience includes working with children and adults, not only doing Orthoptics but also adapting contact lenses, conducting eye exams and helping in eye surgeries.


She arrived in Singapore in 2011, after living in Sweden and was working as a language teacher through which she gained educational experience that helps her understand different learning approaches and utilisation of the highest potential of the individual.


She is also a volunteer in a charity group working with children.

Andrea Fernandes Thomaz


Andrea was awarded BSc in Psychology in 2007 by the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo. She concluded specialization in Gerontology in 2010 by Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro. Besides her specialization to work with elderly Andrea has experience working with children as well.

Her working experience was attained in Brasil;
she worked in a bilingual school, as a psychologist and a teacher, with children from the age one and half to three years. Following that she was then in a Coexistence Center for the elderly and in a Brain Training Center. Dealing with those two different stages of life was instrumental in achieving ability to deal with complex psychological and cognitive issues of people in different age groups and helping them to attain desirable state of being.

Since her arrival to Singapore, in 2011, Andrea was working as a Portuguese teacher and still works as a volunteer in a hospice. In order to enhance her professional skills as a psychologist, she is undergoing a course for Professional Diploma in Behavior Psychology, at National University of Singapore.

Andrea is skilled in using her academic qualifications and passion in working with children and helping them to achieve advanced level of visual and overall cognitive functioning.

As she just had a baby, she is currently on extended maternity leave.