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Some children have problems focusing on the letters on a page because the letters or words appear to move around. The outcome would be a tendency to misread words that are known, loose the place in a book or guessing words. Again, a child with this problem is not able to express what is happening.


The majority of these children demonstrate behavioural signs including very short attention span, poor eye contact and often they give an overall impression of a child with ADD or ADHD. Sustaining focus is exhausting for such a child, so some children use the constant shift of visual attention as an instrumental compensatory mechanism to cope with the visual demand (for instance, looking all over the place, jumping from one task to another, among others).


​Integrated Cognitive Orthoptic Remediation (ICORE) does not only help children in terms of stabilizing the font (the words stop moving) and therefore improve their reading skills. The effect goes beyond that: big changes in attitude toward school, self-esteem, confidence and improved concentration become obvious as a result of the therapy.

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