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There are many eye problems that could trigger headaches.


Starting from blurred vision, over- or under-corrected refractive error (shortsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism), poor binocular vision (eye teaming), strabismus and irregular accommodation (focusing ability).


It’s very normal that a person has a need to stretch the body after hours of sitting and working, but people usually do not think that way about the eyes. Hours in front of screens, dim lighting, glare are just some of the factors that affect our vision, induce ocular strain and headache.


It is usually taken for granted that our eyes should do the work, without much care of this precious organ of light. The cornea and the lens work together to focus images on the retina at the back of the eye. Sometimes, this delicate mechanism fails and the small muscles of the eye are forced to work harder, causing eye strain.

Common Symptoms

The result is tired, aching eyes, blurred vision and headache. Our reality is that more and more people are suffering from visual fatigue without knowing the cause of their symptoms. Modern work and lifestyle changes have forced us to spend extended hours in close-range activities such as computer work, e-books, smart phones and hand-held gaming.


Screen Video Games Small Screens Eyes

The increased demands of these activities on your eyes can leave you with uncomfortable and sometimes painful symptoms. For some people, visual fatigue can also lead to reduction in productivity and ability to concentrate — and may even negatively impact your vision health and overall well being.


As a result of the modern life style the use of the technology increases, so do the chances for a child’s vision to worsen. Many kids today are experiencing digital and visual fatigue due to the increased viewing of digital screens. Nearsightedness has increased by 66 percent from 1971 to 2014, according to The National Eye Institute, a problem that is undeniably linked to the usage of video games.


Most functional eye conditions causing headache can be corrected with Integrated Cognitive Orthoptic Remediation (ICORE) with the right correction of the refractive error as a prerequisite. ICORE focuses only on the functional issues of the visual system. 


Besides Visual Perceptual Factors headaches could occur from numerous medical conditions for which you might need to consult a medical doctor.

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