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Mrs M Hii - Mark: Reading Speed & Accuracy Improved By Leaps and Bounds...

My 10-year old son underwent therapy last year. His reading skills and accuracy has since improved by leaps and bounds. Mark has always been an avid reader and keen learner, so overcoming this hurdle has further heightened his passion for learning and love for the written word.

Today, Mark is a confident and enthusiastic and we are grateful to Mr. Zoran and his team for making all this possible.

We are very delighted with the professionalism and care we received at Orthovision. The Team is efficient and the overall service is excellent.

Marmee Morine - Clemence: I Now Love Reading

'Our work with Zoran Pejic helped to increase my daughter’s ability to read. We have to admit that, at times, the exercises were tedious and ‘not fun’, but we persevered and kept a journal of our daily work and helpful hints about getting through it.

The hard work more than paid off because Clemence is now reading whenever she has the chance. The ‘extra effort’ required for reading is no longer necessary.

The biggest secret of all is to make those ‘working moments’ as positive as possible, seek help and support when needed and always keep in mind the long-run, big picture of how this therapy will help create a confident child and adult who reads with ease.'


The Mills Family - Jack: Dyslexia?

'Jack came to see Zoran in March 2007, having been diagnosed with Dyslexia due to his under developed reading for his age and family history of dyslexia.

We were well supported by AISS who suggested before we commence special dyslexia classes to at least have him tested for a behavioral optometry disorder. I must admit I was a little sceptical after the many tests Jack had already had but on first meeting Jack, Zoran diagnosed a significant reduction in functionality of one of Jack’s eyes, hence the poor reading. We began exercises immediately, every day with a Hart Chart, flipper lenses and lots of effort on the part of parent and child!!!! Well, it was miraculous.

Over 8 weeks Jack jumped from reading at Level 16 to level 24. We couldn’t believe the change. Jack has worked incredibly hard and still practices exercises that Zoran gives him every school day.

He now has a 4 month "holiday" to see if his eyesight can be maintained. We are all very excited for the future, Jack is starting to enjoy reading on his own and we can see his confidence build daily.

Zoran, you are a Legend, we thank you very much.'

Dominic Hernon - Sebastian: A Different Child

'This is a quick note of enormous thanks for the work and fabulous result you achieved for Sebastian.

Prior to seeing you we had spent a year going to other specialists who did not identify and correct Sebastian’s problem. In a few short months Sebastian has made huge improvement which has resulted in improved results at school and more importantly, shown him that he is not different but just had an eye problem which is now corrected.

Frankly now suggest to all my friends that they should see you before they do anything about their eyes.Thank you again.'

Andrea McGuire - Alison: I can read the White Board again

'Thank you so much for helping our daughter, Alison. Alison had been complaining about not seeing the school white board at times. I had her vision checked and it was fine. She has always had difficulty with spelling and reading as well. Since you accessed Alison and we participated in your program for 6 months the results are beyond our expectations. She jumped 12 levels in reading. She reads all the time now without difficulty and without fatigue. Her teaches have testified to observing an increase in her confidence in all subjects. In addition spelling of new words is now not a problem. We cannot thank you enough, to see our daughter love reading is truly amazing.

Brittany Al-Awa - Learning Issues

'I was aware there was some sort of learning issue with my child by the time he was three.

At the age of 3 and 4 he underwent various standard tests, all of which came back within ‘normal’ range. It was not until he was 6 that I revisited the issue and had him tested for absolutely everything. Again all tests came back with no further explanation as to where the problem might lie.

It was at this point, it was suggested that I consider having his eyes tested. I was very dismissive of this suggestion, as I thought it seemed very unlikely his problems were eye-related. In fact, he had just had an eye test at the Paediatricians only weeks before and was told he had excellent vision. I was told this was no ordinary vision test and the eyes are very complex and in my son’s case, tests should be conducted. Not wanting to leave any stone unturned, I made an appointment with Zoran Pejic who cam very highly recommended by Ailsa Hill at Brain Train.

I knew I was on to something when I filled out the questionnaire. All of the questions that were being asked were entirely relevant to my son. I was amazed at the correlations: the bad coordination, the lack of eye contact, the short attention span and confusion after a series of verbal instructions. It was all making sense now.

Zoran explained thoroughly the tests and test results. He even demonstrated tests on my son; I was amazed how I could clearly see the problem. Zoran went on to explain how this condition effects coordination, motor skills, reading, writing, even listening. It is very hard to ‘focus’ on some one speaking to you when you quite literally can not focus.

We started a strict regime of exercises immediately. These were a real burden on my son as they were quite uncomfortable for him to perform and they were time consuming (twice a day). Over time the exercises became part of our normal routine and became easier and less uncomfortable.

Sixteen months later, my son is a different child. His coordination has improved tremendously. He is confident and has better social skills. He will look people in the eye and maintain eye contact. He moved up 5 reading levels in one school year. I was truly astonished by the results. They far exceeded my expectations. In my son’s case, the therapy worked to train the eyes. No glasses were needed and the condition was treatable and reversible. He is a lucky one. I am so grateful to Zoran for all of his help and advice. He is incredibly knowledgeable and professional.

I would highly recommend Zoran and Orthovision. The results have been life changing for my son and our entire family.'

Caroline Theseira - Cordelia: Coordination Problems fixed

'We noticed our 10 year-old daughter Cordelia always came home from school very exhausted. She would nap, and always complain of eye pain.

In school, she was doing very well. Through an eye check-up we found out her reading was perfect, but she took a very long time to read those big letters on the ophthalmologist’s eye-chart. We were referred to Mr. Zoran.

Through a half-year of regular and simple eye exercises, Cordelia’s ‘eye problem’ was fixed. Mr. Zoran explained that her eye muscles and coordination caused her problems; these eye exercises improved her muscle and coordination problems.

In addition, throughout the half-year period, our relationship as mother/daughter had improved a great deal just by doing these exercises together.

This is the extra intangible benefit we received during that period.

Thank you Mr. Zoran for helping Cordelia. She doesn’t complain about eye pain anymore. She reads without complaining of eye pain too. Though she still loves her afternoon nap.

Anouk Wijnhoud - Isabel: Late Reader

'My daughter started pre-school in Holland when she was 4, and when she turned 6 we moved to Indonesia where she went to an international school. At the time, she was not able to read, and since reading starts in kindergarten at this school, she was behind. In addition to this, she had to learn a second language, English.

In both first and second grade she was not able to read on the appropriate level for her age, and at first her teachers and I thought this was because English was her second language.

Half way through 3rd grade she was still only reading on the level of a 2nd grade beginner. At that point we made the decision to send her for psychological testing. The results showed that she had insufficient functional vision, and it was recommended that we go to Orthovision.

We were advised to perform the eye exercises at home, which she disliked doing at first, but we managed to do it almost on a daily basis. At the end of the 4 week period we, and she, already started to see a little improvement in her reading.

We went back to Orthovision after one month and Mr Zoran could see definite improvements. At that time the “home work” in terms of the eye exercises has became more complex but we were very diligent with it. We continued going every 4-5 weeks, and after each time homework changed for the better.'

Kathy Walden - Rebecca: Eye Imbalance

'I am writing to thank you for your help in diagnosing and correcting the eye imbalance that Rebecca had.

I had raised my concerns that she was having problems with others, only to be dismissed as a worrisome parent. I was told that she either needed glasses (which didn’t help), or that this was all she was capable of.

However, you identified her real problem and gave us simple exercises for six months that proved to be very successful.

The difference in Rebecca has been remarkable. Previously Rebecca hated reading and books. The daily reading homework was always stressful. Now Rebecca picks up a book by choice and happily sits and reads several chapters at a time.

With the progress in her fluency there has also come an improvement in her comprehension, her spelling and her writing style.

Equally amazing is the improvement I have seen in Rebecca’s confidence in herself and to her studies overall. She no longer thinks that she is “stupid” because she was falling behind in class. Instead she openly says that she had a problem with her eyes that has been fixed.

Rebecca’s approach to school is now positive and she is determined to catch up with the rest of her classmates.

I cannot thank you enough.'


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