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'I remember the gym teacher yelling to me to hurry up and throw the basketball through the hoop and thinking, “OK but which hoop do I throw it into, the right or the left?”

In reality I knew there was only one hoop, but I’d become used to the fact that I almost always saw things in duplicate and often wasn’t sure which was real.

It might seem odd that at the age of 15 I was suffering silently with double vision, but that was because I had mentioned it during an eye exam in London a year or two before and had it quickly dismissed as “astigmatism.” The message I received was that it wasn’t something too unusual but that it probably wouldn’t get any better.

It wasn’t until I wrote a series of tests nearly a year ago now that the problem surfaced properly. I happened to mention to my mother that I felt I hadn’t done as well with the late afternoon tests since that was when “my double vision got a lot worse.” She asked me what double vision I was talking about and shortly thereafter I found myself in Zoran’s office.

At first I didn’t really believe that Zoran would be able to help, since I really thought I had something that I would just have to live with. At that stage, I could only focus and create a single image for about a half minute at a time, and then only in the mornings. However, within a few weeks of doing the exercises that Zoran gave me, I began to notice that I would have longer periods without any double vision. At first the periods with normal vision would last a couple of hours, then a whole morning, and soon I only had difficulty in the evenings when I was tired. By six weeks I virtually never experienced double vision, and within a couple of months I had none at all.

In addition, my glasses prescription for near-sightedness reduced significantly over this period. The exercises were very difficult at first because I would get tired but because it was so important to me I stuck with them and I am so glad I did.It has now been about half a year since I had any double vision.

I can now see normally, even when very tired. My schoolwork has also improved and I find I am able to focus on homework for long periods. This has made a huge difference to my life in general and I am thrilled with the results.'

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Jules Lawson: Jessie - Weak Eye Muscles strengthened

'When I first realised my daughter Jessie was struggling with reading I was very confused. She had always loved books and was very keen to learn and decipher the words to work out the story.

By grade two she insisted the books had to have pictures and not to much text on a page. This was hard to find for her age group as she was needing chapter books for interest but something more basic for confidence with her reading ability.

We had done eye tests and hearing tests in kindergarten to preempt any such learning problems and all was well.

After rounds of school assesments and different specialists we arrived on Zoran Pejic’s doorstep to check Jessie’s eyes again, but this time not just for sight. It became apparent very quickly that Jessie had weak eye muscles which were affecting her ability to stay focused on an individual letter when trying to read, therefore making her skip small words and unable to decipher sound blends. It all made a lot of sense but how to fix it ?

Zoran prescribed daily eye exercises with charts and lenses which would take up to half an hour and continue until the eyes showed a marked improvement. I was relieved to have treatment to work on that hopefully would help Jessie for her future, but somewhat unprepared for the time and commitment which was need to complete the treatment each day.

It at first sounded like such a short period of time to allocate for the exercises, but when having to add school homework, reading, after school activities and dinner into the equation everything slowly began to take its toll over the weeks that the treatment had to be done.

The constant eye assessments and improvements that were noted gave a boast each time to maintain the effort needed for the treatment, but having to cajole a child after a long day at school into eye exercises, homework and other previous commitments, put a definite strain on our mother-daughter relationship being emphasised by bad moods on both sides.

Some days things had to slip to maintain calm and allow time out to play, but I decided it would be the homework and not the eye treatment as I had previously discussed the situation with Jessies teacher and had their full support.

Our reward for commitment to the treatment, came after a three month break when Jessie’s final assessment showed that the improvement to her eye muscles had increased her ability and interest to read and have shown no signs of deterioration having finished the treatment.'

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