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Integrated Cognitive Orthoptic Remediation (ICORE) shows a high success rate in the long-term restoration of binocular single vision. However, only after a thorough assessment can we decide if a patient is a good candidate for the ICORE.

Throughout life we read, we see things from our perspective and expect that everyone is seeing it the same way, forgetting the fact that visual perception is subjective in nature, that two people could look at the same object and perceive it differently.

Did you ever think that some children and even adults see double at times?


Surprisingly, many children experience double vision. While some children will complain of it they are generally not taken seriously by their parents or teachers. However, the majority of children will not complain about it at all, as they think that this is normal and happens to everyone.


You may ask, “Why do children not complain about seeing double?” The primary reason is that children’s adaptive information processing is so developed that their brain could suppress the images transmitted in matters of hours if the double vision was constant. However, for the majority of children and even adults the double vision occurs intermittently, most children overcome it by covering/closing one eye (very discretely) or by turning the head in order to eliminate the image coming from that eye.



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