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Miguel - Vision and Retained Reflexes

'After the teachers voiced concerns about my son's physical and psychological development, we traveled to Singapore (we live in Vietnam) last October for various assessments.


This is where we were recommended to also check his eyes at Orthovision due to his poor reading ability. Indeed, some issues were found and we immediately started the therapy.


The results started being noticeable the following week. Today, he is still doing some exercises at home but his reading ability, comprehension and concentration are way better and he enjoys reading now.


During our next visit in December, we decided to have his primitive reflexes assessed as well, because his physical struggles were really showing and we were sure he needed help. We had tried other interventions before and felt that they were working as patches but not solving the problem from the root. After the INPP assessment, once we were back home, we started doing the exercises we were given. They are so simple that at first we doubted that they could have much impact on him. Well, it has been amazing! The progress is great and remarkable.

I had the most positive meeting ever with his teachers last week. His language, confidence, maturity, socialization, concentration, coordination, handwriting, reading, comprehension, balance had burst.


We are still working on it but the struggles have decreased considerably.

I really recommend it to kids that struggle in some areas or even to every single kid in order to make sure everything is ok and/or increase their potential if needed.


I wish I had known of this approach earlier. Thanks Mr Zoran!'

Ms Lina C

JW: various issues

'Very experienced vision specialist. The therapy really works.


It helped my girl tremendously from being unable to read to reading independently. I would recommend Orthovision to my friends.'


Both kids profited so much!

'Orthovision’s variety of services and activities helped our daughter to increase her productivity, ability to concentrate, as well as with the reduction of fatigue after school. We also saw a significant improvement with her ability to accurately transfer information from the whiteboard to her workbook and now rarely mixes up the numbers when solving math problems. The regular reading exercises increased the quality, speed and information retention of what she was reading and therefore she developed a joy for reading books. We also noticed that her eye and hand coordination improved significantly and became much better at ball sports and sports in general. The teachers at school also noticed a significant improvement in the areas mentioned above and were delighted with her blossoming development.

In our son’s case, Orthovision’s program helped him to eliminate his severe regular headaches (and frustrations and irritability that came with the headaches), helped him to stayed focused, improve the quality, speed and information retention during his reading, and also developed a joy for reading books. His eye and hand coordination also improved significantly and became much better at ball sports and sports in general.


We are proud to see that with both children, after the 3 month, 6 month and 1 year follow ups and retesting, none of the symptoms recurred and both children keep blossoming.

A big THANK YOU to Zoran for taking time to explain to the children and parents in detail about the program and developments, for his humor, caring and loving way with the children, and for keeping them motivated throughout the process. Also a big thank you to Orthovision’s team of vision therapists, as well as to Jenny for her flexibility and kind helpfulness with scheduling!'

Family Mandri-Bossart

Jake: Better at Reading & Sports

'I would like on behalf of my husband and I to say a great big thank you for all that you have done for our son Jake. Not only have you fixed his vision but in doing so you have restored to him his confidence.

Only six months ago Jake was frustrated and unhappy and very aware that he struggled with his reading. He is no longer at the bottom of his class but is rapidly improving and now loves to read.

But not only has his reading improved, I think it has improved many other aspects of his life that matter so much to him like catching a ball and other things that really so heavily on eye hand coordination.

The change has truly been remarkable and for that we are sincerely thankful for all you have done.'

Karen and Andrew Clough

Chloe: Headaches

'Our nine year old daughter Chloe has struggled with her handwriting and reading since Kindergarten in 2004. She occasionally suffered unexplained headaches behind her eyes too.

We had her vision checked for reading glasses but they were not needed. During 2007, Zoran assessed Chloe’s eyes, and found that she had convergence, accommodation and visual spatial issues. He gave her various eye exercises every month or so, over an eight month period.

It was an intense period for all of us in the family, as the exercises require structure, dedication and loads of encouragement and positive reinforcement.

Chloe’s progress in her reading and writing became evident towards the end of our eight month program. Her writing became better organised and more consistent in size and flow, and her reading became much more fluent. She no longer suffers from headaches, and she will even occasionally read a book now for pleasure, which we find amazing!

Paul (Chloe’s dad), is now using the reading lens exercise to strengthen his eyes too. Zoran was fantastic with Chloe, he was gentle, friendly and so encouraging. We have since happily recommended Zoran to a number of our friends.'

Carrie Curbygh

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Seb: Bright Lights On Stage No More A Problem

''Thank you for helping my eyes. Even though I had 20/20 vision, I still felt very tired after a long day of work. Also, I had a very big problem with blinking. After doing your exercises and coming for the sessions, I stopped repeatedly blinking for no particular reason. Also, now I feel less tired and my eyes don't feel like thy are about to fall out.

As you know, I got into Evita. I just want to say without your help, I wouldn't be able to get in. Onstage, you have to deal with lots of bright lights shining on your face. Also, you can't blink uncontrollably like you have a tick. Also, you can't get too tired. I wouldn't be able to 'freeze' onstage for 2 minutes with tired eyes.

Also, with vision therapy I don't have such a closed vision. Now I can open myself up and see the world. But I can still focus on small things (even after looking far away).

I know that I had 20/20 vision at the start, but you still improved that vision.

As my Mom has stated, I play the piano. Before vision therapy, I was really struggling to put this long piece together (right and left hand). Now, over the past 6 months, I have been able to beautifully do many songs (both hands). The red and green exercises really helped with that.

During the sessions, I felt very comfortable and happy. I never felt scared or nervous. So, I just want to say it one more time, thank you."


Seb: Anxiety & Excessive Blinking Eliminated

''Every  parent can bring his/her child to be checked for any visual problems. My son didn't have a major problem, just occasional tiredness and anxiety after long periods of studying or reading. I noticed he blinked his eyes excessively, trying to concentrate to finish his work.


Orthovision therapy completely eliminated anxiety episodes, excessive blinking and bright light sensitivity. All in just one course of in-house therapy. My son is a much happier child right now."

Helena S

Harry: Accommodation Issues

''I would like to express my thanks and overwhelming appreciation to the team at Orthovision!


My son presented with quite severe accommodation eye issues and had been wearing glasses for almost a year. He had trouble reading a book and keeping up in class.


After seeing the team at Orthovision and undertaking extensive eye therapy sessions, he no longer needs glasses and is himself pleased with the result. He now shows greater confidence inside and outside of the classroom!'


Ella: Dysfunctional Eye-Teaming

'We first visited Orthovision slightly panicked by our daughter falling behind her peers in reading. Her teacher suggested we did a comprehensive eye test to see if there were any sight related issues. Ella's eye sight had been tested before so we were taken aback by the revelation that she suffered from poor coordination of her eye balls. At that time we were not aware that this condition had such an immense impact on learning.

Zoran patiently explained and put our minds at ease, that with therapy, Ella's vision can improve. He was there to answer any queries or concerns we came up with. He was very honest in saying that the therapy required dedication but that it would pay off.

We are now a year into the treatment. Ella has worked very hard over the last twelve months with in-house and at-home therapy. However, as Zoran promised, her vision improved dramatically. Her reading improved greatly and her ability to focus is also much better. I think what's most important is that, thanks to Zoran, we identified the problem early on and managed to save Ella from any self esteem issues that older children may suffer from as a result of falling behind at school. And for that we will be forever grateful.'


Alejandra: Presbyopia

'I started going to Orthovision after having seen the great progress my daughter had made in improving her reading ability.

I am 42 years old and I started using reading glasses 7 years ago. However, I was coming home from work after a long day spent on the computer with headaches and feeling completely exhausted. On the other hand, my eyesight was not improving but my glasses were getting thicker each year. I just accepted this as part of an aging process.


I saw Mr. Zoran and he recommended very simple eye exercises for 15 minutes a day. I was amazed that after a couple of months I went back to my original glasses, my headaches and weariness went away completely, and I felt very encouraged to see my eyesight aging process reversed.

I am most thankful!'

Alejandra V. de Watson

Ralph: various issues

'On our first meeting with Zoran, we realized how our child’s eyes were not working together and with his left eye being weaker.  This has further brought to our attention that our child has convergence and other issues.  We began exercises immediately. 

It was an intensive vision therapy that includes many exercises from Hart Chart, flipper lenses, balancing on the board and getting our child to do the convergence exercise.   These exercises were tedious, strenuous etc but looking back, it gave us time to bond.  Our child came to feel and realise that he was not alone, has our support and that we are there for him.  He understands and always tries his best to work well with us during the exercises.

A year later, our child’s vision has strengthened tremendously and this has in turn aided him in his performance especially reading skills and he is emerging as a more confident boy.  He is able to focus on reading in an orderly manner even with small fonts, his ability to copy notes from board has also improved. 


Apart from sharing vision knowledge with us, Mr Zoran had also recommended other activities that might help our child progress better.'


Isabel: Better Vision

'Thanks a million! Since the age of 5 (now 38), my eyesight has been a challenge; my prescription is circa −10 in both eyes. I was never drawn to laser surgery for correction, somehow it just didn’t feel right.

In the last few months I felt like it was time to look at alternative natural methods for correction, I was then fortunate to meet Zoran on a course, and immediately then made an appointment, my last stop on my Asia trip, thankfully was Singapore.


Zoran has a wealth of knowledge and I discovered how my eyesight was actually connected with certain behavioural patterns.


Zoran gave me some exercises, and since doing them I’ve noticed some rather profound changes. More memory retention, better focus, ability to stay more present, able to process and navigate certain emotions/situations in a different way that serves me much better, my eyes feel more relaxed and I do too in many ways, I don’t squint when not wearing my glasses/contacts when walking around my apartment first thing in the morning.


Thank you Zoran for all that you do, I feel very grateful to have met you and look forward to continuing our very positive work!'

Isabel Styles

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Leo - Improved reading and school performance


'When I started the therapy all the exercises were boring and was a drag to do. But after my first block of therapy all the exercises became easier and not as boring. Even some of them were fun!

In school every other week I have to read for 50 minutes because of a library lesson. Before therapy I could only read for ten minutes. Than I had to look up and stare at something for a while. But now because of the therapy I can read the whole time without brakes.'                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Leo C

Vincent- Convergence Insufficiency and focusing issues

I suffer from issues relating to an eye condition called Convergence Insufficiency, and I realized that I had accommodative and focus issues with my eyes as well after consulting Mr. Zoran.


Mr. Zoran and team helped me with my eye condition and I was able to complete my studies in law at National University of Singapore (NUS) and thereafter work in the legal industry.


I am very grateful to Mr. Zoran and wish to express my thanks to everyone at Orthovision.

Special thanks to Mr. Zoran, Vesna and Fernanda for your help.


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