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Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is a condition caused by the prolonged and interrupted stare at the computer screen, tablets, smart-phone or any other electronic device.

According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, CVS affects around 90% of the people who spend 3 and more hours a day in front of the computer screen (according to the National Institute fo Safety and Health). A study done in Malaysia, conducted on 795 college students aged between 18 and 25 confirmed presence of any type of the symptoms of CVS.

CVS is affecting all ages of the population. Adults are mainly affected by prolonged work-related usage of the computers, while the children are mainly affected by prolonged usage of tablets for gaming and doing school-work.

Working at the computer requires the eyes to constantly focus, move back and forth in order to align with what the person is seeing.  At work or in a school environment a person might need to shift focus from the screen to the papers or to the board which requires shift change of focusing distance-accommodation.  

Symptoms of CVS



Compromised visual acuity, accommodation, convergence and overall eye-teaming together with prolonged stare at the screen are known as trigger factors for CVS.

We have also referred to a CBS article on our blog about the effects of too much screen time on the eyes.

This video made by the World Economic Forum highlights how our screen time has increased and the resulting effects.

By making the following changes, we can avoid further problems:

  • Readjusting the working station

  • Cutting of the time spent in front of the screen continuously (at one go)

  • providing good lighting conditions

  • and taking regular breaks.

Integrated Cognitive Orthoptic Remediation (ICORE) gives very good results in cases of CVS as it addresses the causes of the CVS by enhancing visual functions such as accommodation, convergence and over all eye teaming with necessary adjustment of the life style.  An appropriate correction of the refractive error would be the precondition for the commencement of the ICORE. 

Computer Vision Syndrome by playing too much games on tablets


The increased demands of these activities on your eyes can leave you with uncomfortable and sometimes painful symptoms. For some people, visual fatigue can also lead to reduction in productivity and ability to concentrate — and may even negatively impact your vision health and overall well being.


As a result of the modern life style the use of the technology increases, so do the chances for a child’s vision to worsen. Many kids today are experiencing digital and visual fatigue due to the increased viewing of digital screens. Nearsightedness has increased by 66 percent from 1971 to 2014, according to The National Eye Institute, a problem that is undeniably linked to the usage of video games.

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