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Symptoms of Presbyopia


  • Blurred Vision

  • Problems focusing on objects near to us

  • Difficulty in seeing things in dim light

  • Eyestrain

  • Difficulty in focusing on small objects and fine print.

  • Headaches


The Presbyopia is a phenomenon that usually occurs at the beginning of the 5th decade of life. Nowadays, it is happening even the beginning of the 40ies due to te prolongued usage of various screens, particularly smartphones and and tablets.


The eyes start losing their ability to focus on near objects - this is probably caused by the loss of power to the ciliary muscle that controls the lens of the eye.



Too small to read - Presbyopia


Treatment usually includes corrective glasses or refractive surgery, which mainly work on the symptoms. At Orthovision we focus on eye-exercises for Presbyopia as main therapeutic modality in order to help the client to improve their vision naturally. However, the adjustment of the lifestyle is a very important component of the treatment.

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